From My (son’s) Sketchbook

My 3 year old is just getting to the point that he draws actual things instead of just lines and scribbles. I haven’t really pushed it to be honest, because I don’t want him to start thinking that every piece of artwork has to look like something. I think that line of thought leads to 10 year olds who complain that their drawings are perfect realism. Maybe that stage is unavoidable. We’ll see.

Anyway, here’s what he drew recently.


It’s 3 fish. If you still can’t see it, check out his inspiration.

ImageThis is a toy fish that came in a little bento box set from Ikea. The middle strip is velcro and there are pieces that can go on top of it like this.


It really is quite cute and clever, and the kid LOVES it.

I love his drawing of it.


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