This past week I was really inspired by Kids Clothes Week. If you haven’t heard of it you should definitely check out the blog:

It’s basically a bunch of people spending an hour each day for one week sewing clothes for their kids. I would have loved to participate, but with a 3 year old, 11 month old, and 32 weeks pregnant I do not have the energy! I’m doing a good bit of sewing for that sweet baby girl due in June, but can’t commit to an hour each day. They do this with the beginning of each season, so maybe next time I’ll participate.

To really see all the amazing stuff you’ll need to check out the flicker group:

I’ve also been discovering new patterns and bloggers through this event which I love. I think these Number 9 Trousers ( from Go To Patterns might just be the inspiration I need to sew something for my boys… as soon as I get some less girly fabric in my stash!

This week I’ll be sharing some of my recent projects: A baby blanket (which of course is not the one I was planning to make at all!), a baby circle skirt, and hopefully a little baby gown that I’m working on currently. Baby on the brain! It’s hard to think about much else when your stomach is this big!


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