Baby Blanket

With some pretty flannel in hand I turned to Pinterest to get some baby blanket inspiration. The only thing that really caught my eye was this tutorial from Anna Maria Horner’s site.  It uses flannel on one side and cotton voile on the other. I imagine this would really be a perfect combination. Voile is my new favorite fabric. It feels like slik and sews like cotton, what’s not to love? After ordering several voiles that I thought I might like with my flannel I wasn’t satisfied. Then, at Joanns some regular old quilting cotton caught my eye. Not the right type of fabric, but definitely the sort of pattern/color I was looking for. I didn’t want to wait around forever to make this thing so I decided it would have to do. Here’s what I ended up with.



The bias edging is voile in a solid pink and I used a zig zag stitch to machine bind it. I could have used the pink for the backing, but really preferred a pattern. Besides, I don’t love that much pink, even for a baby girl. I don’t hate pink, but I also don’t understand why EVERYTHING for girls has to be gobs of pink.

The tutorial for the zig zag stitch binding is from Rachel at Stitched In Color and can be found here. It’s so much easier than hand binding and I really like the look of it for a baby blanket.



As I said the backing fabric came from Joanns.


The flannel is Anna Maria Horner’s Folksy Flannels.Image

All in all I’m pretty pleased with it. I can’t wait to wrap up a sweet baby girl in it!Image


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