Sunglasses Pouch

I’ve been throwing my new sunglasses in the console of the car and thinking every time, “Those are going to get scratched.” They’re just the $10 variety, but I’d still rather not have to replace them all the time. 

Then last week this little tutorial showed up on Luri and Wilma. Duh. I could make a bag for them. Of course I didn’t have any canvas or twine on hand. I still haven’t restocked since our move. It’s crazy all the sewing supplies you manage to acquire over years and it takes a while to replenish. I also really wanted mine to be lined with a nice scrap of voile, so I just made my own.

It’s really just a fairly simple drawstring bag. I cut a piece of my lining and outer fabric in 4&1/2 by 10 folded, so that unfolded it becomes 9 by 10. Keeping it folded in half I stitched up the bottom and side. 10 inches ended up being more than necessary for the length so I just folded the hem down a good inch or more. I didn’t measure. 


The method for making the drawstring hole is similar to what Mandy did for her’s over on Luri and Wilma. I just ripped back out some of that side stitch on the outer piece and stitched around it to reinforce. In instances like this I really love to use ribbon for my drawstring, but again I haven’t restocked so I made one out of cotton.


Now my sunglasses will be nice and safe. 

If I can remember to put them in the bag.

And not lose it. 🙂

Birthday Bunting and Cake

When my first son turned 1 I spent lots of time making a bunting. It was two sided and each triangle had binding around the edge. My thought was that we could use it again. We were living in rural Tanzania and you can’t really buy party supplies there so it was actually pretty logical. Except that I don’t think we ever used it again. Maybe once for my husband’s birthday. It sat in storage and when we moved a couple months back I pulled it out to bring back with us but found it was starting to show signs of mold. It was really nice at my son’s party, but I could have done something much simpler.


This last weekend my second son turned 1 and I did do something much simpler. I cut out triangles, no finishing on the edges at all, and sewed them to ribbon. Done.


Here’s a close up of the front. I overlapped the triangles just a bit so I could just keep going and do one long stitch.Image

And here’s the back.Image

The bunting and balloons were all the decoration I messed with. We’re staying with family right now and I have less motivation to decorate a space that isn’t my own. 

Of course I did put a little effort into the cake. I just love decorating cakes. I’m a complete novice, but I think it is fun.

I repeated the bunting and added chocolate polka dots to the cake.


The cake was Martha Stewart’s yellow cake recipe. The frosting and sculpting chocolate recipes both came from The Sprinkle Bakes cookbook. If you love baking and art you need this cookbook. Heather shares lots of great recipes and inspiration on her blog and the cookbook does not disappoint. The chocolate (which I just cut out like cookies) was very easy to make, but I think it really looks nice.

I think the birthday boy approved.


Circle Skirt

I found this baby circle skirt tutorial on MADE. It’s fairly simple, except for the waistband. I made one for my coming daughter and sized the pattern up to make one that will hopefully fit my niece later into the summer. That whole sizing up thing involved a good deal of- gasp- math! I managed, or at least I think I did. We’ll have to wait and see if it fits her!


The issue with the waistband is that the lines in the elastic show even the slightest veer off of a straight line. I can’t stand wonky. When attaching the skirt to the waistband you are trying to get the fabric sewn on evenly on the underside while also keeping a straight stitch on the front side and of course dealing with the stretchy elastic. Despite lots of pinning and numerous attempts it just wasn’t working. I ended up doing a zig zag stitch which looks better but still not great. Here’s one of the worst sections.

ImageAnd this is about as good as it got.Image

On my niece’s skirt I decided to stitch the waistband and elastic right sides together. It ended up looking far better, but I didn’t get a picture before passing it on.

The fabric on this is from Anna Maria Horner’s LouLouThi collection. It’s a pretty large scale print which I love. The larger scale combined with the variety of color combos in it gives lots of options when you are cutting it up for little people clothes. In fact, the baby gown (post coming soon) is made of this same fabric.

The elastic came from Joann’s. They carry it in several colors.


When I was doing that whole sizing up thing I remade the pattern in 4 different sizes so I would have options. Now that I’ve actually made it I’m not sure if I’ll make more of these or not. We’ll just have to see how much I love it actually on her. Seven more weeks! Or if she’s like her brothers… eight… or nine!