Baby Gown

I’ve been looking for something to bring the baby girl home from the hospital in and finding nothing. This could be because I’m resisting anything that is overly pink. Or it could be because I despise all things neon and EVERYTHING that is not pink right now is neon. I know this drops me about a million cool points, but in my defense, I REMEMBER the 80’s. This should really be enough of an explanation, but for some reason lots of people my age and older seem to have forgotten. Neon does not look good on this white girl and I’m seriously fearful of putting it on a newborn. Overstimulation much?

On the off chance that I find something non-pink and non-neon it is sure to have some strange applique in some strange location. Just because it’s for a baby doesn’t mean that it needs a ladybug, butterfly, or heart stitched on. Or how about an abundance of ruffle. I love a good ruffle, but like most things it should be done in moderation.

In the interest of full disclosure I should probably go ahead and tell you that I hate skinny jeans too. I’ve been living overseas for the last 4 years and every time I pull up I’m a little more shocked. I’m not sure it can get worse than neon, cropped, skinny jeans. I may not have any readers left after this revelation, but at least my husband agrees with my aversion. Just because it was cute on Audrey Hepburn doesn’t mean EVERYONE should wear it. I dare you to find something that Audrey Hepburn was not cute in.

Back on topic, in my attempts to find a good going home outfit I became inspired to make a baby gown. I’m actually not a fan of gowns for the actual going home outfit for one reason: the carseat. In order to strap baby in you have to push the gown up to their waist leaving the legs hanging out and lots of fabric bunched up around baby. You could put pants on them, but still the bunching. Why not just do a shirt and pants? That project is in the works, but in the meantime I made this gown because sometimes you have to make 10 things before you make the thing you were really trying to make.


I drafted the pattern for this gown using a little knit gown as a bit of a guide. In reality it’s drastically different since my fabric is just regular cotton lacking the stretch of knit. The sleeves are a bit roomier and the top opens up to make it easy to get baby in and out.



It was also important to me to make it impossible for this thing to ride up. My first son was so long that if I ever put him down to sleep in a gown his wiggles seemed to work it up his body by the time he woke. My second was a lot smaller and didn’t have that problem, but I have no idea how big this girl is going to be.



I love newborn things that have the little flap on the end of the sleeve to flip up over the hands. What in the world are those things called?


And in case you needed proof that I am technologically challenged, here is the last picture a bit smaller. :/


The fabric for this project is Anna Maria Horner’s Summer Totem in Strudel from the Loulouthi collection.  And the edging is a bit of pink voile. I’m really happy with it and might have to make some more. There are a few changes I’ll make, but I think this one will work out nicely for Norah.


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