Birthday Bunting and Cake

When my first son turned 1 I spent lots of time making a bunting. It was two sided and each triangle had binding around the edge. My thought was that we could use it again. We were living in rural Tanzania and you can’t really buy party supplies there so it was actually pretty logical. Except that I don’t think we ever used it again. Maybe once for my husband’s birthday. It sat in storage and when we moved a couple months back I pulled it out to bring back with us but found it was starting to show signs of mold. It was really nice at my son’s party, but I could have done something much simpler.


This last weekend my second son turned 1 and I did do something much simpler. I cut out triangles, no finishing on the edges at all, and sewed them to ribbon. Done.


Here’s a close up of the front. I overlapped the triangles just a bit so I could just keep going and do one long stitch.Image

And here’s the back.Image

The bunting and balloons were all the decoration I messed with. We’re staying with family right now and I have less motivation to decorate a space that isn’t my own. 

Of course I did put a little effort into the cake. I just love decorating cakes. I’m a complete novice, but I think it is fun.

I repeated the bunting and added chocolate polka dots to the cake.


The cake was Martha Stewart’s yellow cake recipe. The frosting and sculpting chocolate recipes both came from The Sprinkle Bakes cookbook. If you love baking and art you need this cookbook. Heather shares lots of great recipes and inspiration on her blog and the cookbook does not disappoint. The chocolate (which I just cut out like cookies) was very easy to make, but I think it really looks nice.

I think the birthday boy approved.



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