Sunglasses Pouch

I’ve been throwing my new sunglasses in the console of the car and thinking every time, “Those are going to get scratched.” They’re just the $10 variety, but I’d still rather not have to replace them all the time. 

Then last week this little tutorial showed up on Luri and Wilma. Duh. I could make a bag for them. Of course I didn’t have any canvas or twine on hand. I still haven’t restocked since our move. It’s crazy all the sewing supplies you manage to acquire over years and it takes a while to replenish. I also really wanted mine to be lined with a nice scrap of voile, so I just made my own.

It’s really just a fairly simple drawstring bag. I cut a piece of my lining and outer fabric in 4&1/2 by 10 folded, so that unfolded it becomes 9 by 10. Keeping it folded in half I stitched up the bottom and side. 10 inches ended up being more than necessary for the length so I just folded the hem down a good inch or more. I didn’t measure. 


The method for making the drawstring hole is similar to what Mandy did for her’s over on Luri and Wilma. I just ripped back out some of that side stitch on the outer piece and stitched around it to reinforce. In instances like this I really love to use ribbon for my drawstring, but again I haven’t restocked so I made one out of cotton.


Now my sunglasses will be nice and safe. 

If I can remember to put them in the bag.

And not lose it. 🙂


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