Going Home Outfit

I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on an outfit for Norah to go home from the hospital in. It’s one of those traditions that I find a tiny bit silly, but it gave me an excuse to sew something cute! I went through several drafts without really getting where I wanted. I think I just had too many requirements for what it should involve: no gowns (not good for carseat riding), easy to put on, really soft fabric, and some others that wouldn’t make any sense unless I walked you through each of my attempts. In the end I decided to simplify. I used the quick change trouser pants from Anna Maria Horner’s Handmade Beginnings. I’ve been wanting to make these for ages, but hadn’t ever gotten around to it. They are reversible so you get two different looks, plus it means there are no exposed edges to fray. I did resize them a little because I was afraid the smallest size would be too big for a newborn. I just took some measurements from newborn sized things to make the adjustments. Hopefully they’ll fit. It’s always so hard not knowing just how big a newborn will be. My first was huge and wore newborn stuff for about 2 days. My second was much closer to average. In addition to the pants I did a little applique on a couple of plain onesies I had on hand. To finish it off I added a little flowery bit to a simple white hat.

The teal fabric is from a silk scarf I dyed back in college. If I remember correctly it started out hand painted with a geometric sort of pattern, but eventually I decided to dunk the whole thing in a vat of green. The end result was a nice teal with a subtle design from the first pattern.


The pants have this cute little patch of contrasting fabric on the rear. They can also be rolled up or down depending on the baby’s length.Image

The main fabric on the reverse side is voile from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks collection. Image

The patch on the rear of this side is a plain lime green voile. It turned out far brighter than what I expected when I ordered it online, but I decided it’s ok in moderation.Image

Here are close ups of the applique on the onesies.ImageImage

And here’s the little flower do dad that is on the hat. The circles are backed with some light interfacing and attached with the french knots in the center.Image

The silk and voile make the pants crazy soft and using a onesie for the top simplified the process. At 36 weeks I’m hoping the day she wears this isn’t too far away!


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