With Kids

How do you find time for anything creative when you have a sweet sleeping girl who does NOT want to be put down?

Imagereading a Wild Color, a book about natural dyeing

Imagesewing with baby

And when she finally lets you put her down and the 1 year old decides it’s his turn?

Imagesewing with toddler, the little 4-wheeler was a necessity by the way!

You know what they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And, sometimes I just give up and snuggle instead, because I already sort of made 3 awesome little people. That’s enough creating for a lifetime.



Dahlia Top


I made myself a shirt. And, I’m sure you can tell from that picture just how excited I was that in order to share that with you I would have to pose in it. I did not miss a calling as a model. Also, I had been wearing it all day so there are some wrinkles. Just keepin it real.

Despite me reluctance to be photographed I am happy with how the shirt turned out. I’m in that fun (eye roll) stage of post-pregnancy where I still look a bit pregnant and nothing seems to fit right. I decided I might as well attempt to make something and I’m glad I did.

I started with the Sorbetto pattern, but made some changes. I made a mock up with muslin before cutting into my lovely voile fabric. By the way it is Dahlia in Earth from Valori Wells Nest Voile collection.  Based on the fit of the mock up I moved the darts and arm holes for a better fit.


The original pattern included a pleat all the way down the front that just wasn’t me, but I used that extra fabric to create a gather at the top. I also ended up putting in a little bit of a gather in the back for a better fit.

And of course the sleeveish parts are an addition as well.


The voile is such a lovely fabric and the loose cut is super comfy. I think I’ll be wearing this a lot through the rest of the summer.