Wall Organizers

I think I’ve mentioned before that we are living with family at the moment. Space is at a minimum and we keep ending up with piles on top of every possible surface, most of which my 14 month old can now reach. I’ve had to take scissors away from him more times than I care to admit. In an effort to get a bit more organized/babyproof I made a couple of wall hanging organizers.


I’m not sure if I’m more excited about having a home for the scissors or the bills. Ok, definitely the scissors. Now to pay those bills…


The second one I made to hold remotes, because there is absolutely no good place to put them that the little guy can’t reach. And, of course remotes are about his favorite thing. I had already gotten desperate to get them off the table and made a quick fix. Clearly it wasn’t holding up!



Of course these things have only made a small dent in the mess/chaos, but the shelves my husband has been putting up are helping tremendously. They’re just not as pretty.


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