Oliver+S Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts

I don’t love following patterns. For me part of the fun is in the designing. I love thinking through it in my head, how all the pieces will come together, how to avoid exposed seams and so forth. But, sometimes I follow patterns anyway. It sometimes is a much faster way of getting what you want than starting from scratch. When I do go the pattern route, assuming it’s a good pattern, I usually learn something or at least improve a skill.

I’ve been reading about Oliver+S patterns on various blogs for some time. Everyone seems to love them so when I saw some on sale a while back I bought a couple. When I finally got around to using one of the patterns it lived up to it’s reputation. I made the class picnic blouse and shorts, but instead of an outfit I ended up with two stand alone pieces.


I sewed the top first and planned to incorporate some of the yellow fabric used on the shorts. I’ve been wanting to use those two fabrics together for months. Once I got going on the blouse I felt it was a better idea to just do the top as written for the first go. I already had the fabric for the shorts cut out so I went ahead with them, but I don’t think the end products work well together. It’s not a huge problem. The top could go with any number of different bottoms and the shorts will look cute with a white top. Or maybe I’ll sew matching pieces for them each. They won’t fit Norah till next summer so I’ve got some time.


I had trouble photographing these. They’re made for an actual three dimensional person so they don’t lay flat very well, but I’ve seen lots of pics of them being worn on other blogs so I’m trusting they’re gonna work.

What do you think… should I pair the shorts with a white top or maybe make a white top that incorporates some of that yellow ochre fabric?


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