A Tale of Two Fabrics

I know you’ve been really worried since my last post. You don’t recall? Well let me refresh your memory. I had those two fabrics that I had planned for months to use together and ended up with too separate pieces that do not go together at all, though they each wonderful on their own. Now you remember. Well, let the fretting cease, because I did in fact managed to make something that I love that places those two fabrics delightfully together!Image

You may recall the baby gown I made for Norah. Well, this gown is the next and I think final step in my process to create a great baby gown. I did some tweaking and changing based on having actually used the other one.


I love the tie at the bottom as opposed to the elastic that gowns sometimes have. My first never could wear a gown because he wriggled so much it all ended up around his waist. Tying the bottom closed prevents that.


The velcro closure was fine, but not my favorite. Still, I needed something easy to get on and off of baby. This gown has two buttons and that is it! Well there is a piece of elastic hiding in there to keep things in place and still allow for easy on and off, but the buttons are all you have to mess with.


And no, this little beauty is not for Norah. That girl is growing like the prettiest weed you’ve ever seen. This one will be for sale along with a few others at the Autumn Street Fair in October.


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