birthday girl

My niece turned one this week and last weekend was the big party. My sister-in-law seriously went all out and it was a great party. I had the fabulous job of making the birthday girl’s outfit. My SIL had some pictures of outfits she liked that were all very similar and she bought the fabric. I really enjoy creating patterns so it was fun to try and get this one to come together. It turned out pretty cute, but not without a few hiccups. 


The biggest problem was that I got the bodice together and it was too big, but if I were to take it in any it would have been difficult or impossible to get on her. I ended up splitting the back and adding a button. I actually think I like it better this way.  What’s not to love about a huge fabric covered button? It was one of those “happy accidents” as my high school art teacher would say.


There is enough fabric in the back and in the straps to take it out as she grows. Sorry for the lack of good photos, but the girl was on the move!



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