Hunting and Gathering (Part 1)

I’ve been in hunting and gathering mode this week. And by hunting I mean picking up whatever is easy to access as I take a morning walk with all three kids! I’m getting prepped for some natural dye experiments.
I’ve been dreaming of getting into natural dyes for years and I’m finally in the right place to do it. Fall is providing lots of great natural materials to try out. I’ve been reading  devouring Wild Color so I have some particular things in mind to try out, but I’m also enjoying just picking up whatever I find and looking it up when we get back to the house.

First off, here’s where we walk.ImageImage

The pictures really don’t do it justice. It’s pretty much like walking through a Thomas Kinkade painting. Sometimes getting everyone out the door is tough, but so worth it. This is by far this most calm, peaceful part of my day. And here are two of my companions.


Not gonna lie, the fact that they are actually dressed rather than still wearing jammies and huddled under a blanket is rare! Sometimes we make it all the way to lunch without getting dressed! Companion number three rides in the wrap.

Now for our finds.


I’m pretty sure these are hophornbeam seeds. I have a bunch of them soaking already, but they are not looking too promising. The seed pods are gorgeous and soft and papery, but if you go about picking a lot of them, as I did, you realize they have little hairs that stick to you. They are not near as stiff as the prickles of a cactus, but after a while they start to itch. I had to shower after gathering a bunch of these!


The Hearts a Burstin is one of mine and Jude’s favorite plants to look at on our walk. One day we picked three at different stages and I photographed them when we got back. I also have some of these soaking. So far the fruit seems to be giving off a little bit of orange, and the hulls are creating a deep purplish brown.




I have more, but don’t want to cram too many pics into one post, so I’ll share the rest another day.


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