Hunting and Gathering (Part 2)

In part 1 I showed a few of the things I’ve gathered to do small tests with, but in this post I’ll show you what I’m going to use for some larger scale tests.

First up, acorns.

This one is covered in Wild Color so I know that it is a good source of natural dye and have at least some idea what sort of colors may come from it. Of course there are lots of factors so I can’t wait to see what I actually get.



If you haven’t ever really looked at an acorn you should. They are such a beautiful little shape with subtle color variations. I fully plan on having a nice clear jar full of them sitting on my counter next fall.Image

There is an oak tree right by the kids play area so it was super easy to gather these over several days. One day we were actually sitting there watching one drop every few minutes. So fun. The boys were very helpful with this one.Image

I rinsed them, though I’m not entirely sure that was necessary. Jude let me borrow his new basket and it was just perfect for this purpose.


Look how gorgeous they were wet!Image

I’ll be crushing and soaking these sometime in the coming week to get them ready.

Next up, I noticed these interesting little guys on our walk one day.Image

Spiky on the outside and inside there are two triangular shaped seeds (which I should have taken a picture of. oops.). I had no idea what it was, but I was smitten with the shape so I gathered a bunch and looked them up when we got back to the house. Any idea what they are?

Beech nuts! I have no idea if these will be good for dyeing, but I’m going to try. This is Beech Cove farm after all. I’ve already crushed them and the husks seem to have a nice orange shade once smushed. That got me pretty excited. Here’s my crushing set up. It consists of a big chunk of metal that I use when putting grommets or snaps on things, a cardboard box to try and keep stray bits from flying everywhere, and a hammer that my husband was surprised to see me using and said, “Where did you find that?” “Um, on your workbench”.


Luckily this turned out to be more of a smushing endeavor than a crushed bits flying one, because there is no chance the kids were going to go play while Mama had fun with a hammer. Had it been truly dangerous I would have waited until they weren’t around, so like 16 years. I did wear protective glasses, but they ended up being pretty unnecessary and no I did not take any pictures of myself totally pulling off that look.ImageImage

These will also get soaked in the coming week.

My order from Dharma arrived yesterday. Carson laughs every time I mention Dharma and wants to know if I ordered any Dharma beer, which will only make sense to you if you were a Lost fan. The fabrics are gorgeous and I can’t wait to get some color on them. I also checked the current ph of our water with the testing strips I ordered. I had no idea what to expect since our tap water is actually coming from a spring up on the mountain, but alas it is neutral! Very excited that I won’t have to adjust the ph of all the water I use.


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