Nothing to Show

I’ve been dyeing fabric like crazy and I’ve even squeezed in a little sewing, but I have nothing to show you… yet. I know a post without pictures is miserable. Maybe you won’t even keep reading. I probably wouldn’t. Tell me I’m not the only one who needs pictures? I do read sometimes on the rare occasion that the dye pot doesn’t need anything and I don’t feel like sewing, but lets face it most of what I read is more picture than text and with Silas’s current mood I don’t even get to finish a book before he is shoving the next one in my face. Have I mentioned that I have 3 children under 4. Yes, I am crazy. Totally crazy. Want proof? I mean besides the children. Well, last weekend I was at a baby shower and as the thing is finishing up I look out the window and what do I see? Could that be massive oak galls on that tree? There were no leaves left and I’m not yet a pro at identification by bark alone. Upon closer inspection I realize there are some on the ground. Then it hits me, it must be walnuts, but I had to go inspect. In the rain. So I dig into one and the inside is very oak gall like so I start gathering them and after throwing some into the trash bag that I had initially been holding over my head (are you laughing yet?) I find one that is all broken up and realize they are in fact walnuts. I kept them anyway since walnuts are good for dye. I told you I’m obsessed with oak galls.

oak gall obsession + 3 children + doesn’t get out much = CRAZY

So anyway, the reason I’ve been dyeing like crazy is in preparation for the Craft Fair later this week. I’m super excited to see how people react to my naturally dyed goods. You can expect another post around Friday showing our booth and then I’ll start doing some close ups of the various dye stuff and modifiers I’ve been using. Have a great week!


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