Natural Dyed Scarves

We seem to have recovered from last weekend’s craft fair. I sold 9 of my 15 scarves and Carson sold all three of the turned lamps he had ready! Today I’m going to show you the various scarves I had for sale and tell you about the colors.

Let’s start with the solids. I had 6 scarves that were solid colors, but only 5 are in this picture. The dark green up top is from poke berries. That bath was such fun. I should have photographed the items fresh out of the bath. They were the most vibrant purple you can imagine! The more I rinsed the more the purple washed out until I was left with this green. Honestly I’m a fan of green so I didn’t mind. Also it was only the silk/wool that took the poke berries this way. The cotton scarf I had in that bath just went grey, which I will show you further down. The grey in this shot, which looks a little greener than it really is, came from a black bean bath. The golden one at the bottom is from oak leaves and the pale yellow is from pear leaves.


I really thought I would be content with just getting beautiful solid colors from the natural dyes and possibly adding some hand stitched touches (which I still plan to do at some point) but it turns out I couldn’t help but think about pattern and design. Using iron liquor, coconut oil, a spray bottle, and an antique cookie press I got quite a few different looks. I’m so glad I did because people really liked these.

Here are scarves that all came from an acorn bath. The dark grey is the result of the iron liquor applied in different ways. On the far right is the other solid scarf.


Here’s a close up of a couple of cotton infinity scarves.


These scarves from top to bottom are tea, pear+sumac berries+iron, and poke berries+ iron.


The one dyed with tea was wrapped in tea bags, dipped in boiling water and then left for a couple of days. Then, I unwrapped it and rewrapped and repeated the whole thing to get more color in more places. I love the water color look and can’t wait to do some more experiments with this.


The wood grain showing through this one is from the floor. I know, I’ve got to find a better place to take pictures.


Here is the other one from the poke berries. If you look closely you’ll see that it is darker along the top. That is from the iron. The bottom of the scarf is just the color from mordant and poke berries. The variations that you see on this one (and several others throughout this post) were unintentional, but I love them. I think it came from not stirring enough or having the bath too full when I did the mordant. I may try to replicate this “mistake” in the future, because it really adds interest to the scarves.


I have had such fun over the last few weeks with these baths and especially the different techniques I’ve tried. I have so many new ideas to try and I have more black beans soaking as we speak. Hopefully, I’ll be going a little slower for a while and can post in more detail about certain baths and techniques.



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