St. Nicholas Day

Today is St. Nicholas day and we got our tree up just in time. Given that it was quite dimly lit these pictures aren’t the best, but you’ll get the idea. Here’s Norah’s view of the tree decorating.


I was really set on cutting down a tree from the farm this year. There are no proper Christmas trees so I knew it would be a bit primitive looking, but that was sort of the point. That and Jude getting to go out with Carson to cut it down. And it was free. I’m really happy with it except for one thing; We didn’t realize that the particular evergreen we got was so prickly! Decorating it was bit like decorating a cactus. I’m hoping we can do the same thing next year, but look for a less painful variety.


A couple of nights ago I whipped up some stockings for the kids. They are a little smaller than the typical stocking, but just the right size for a few goodies.


Here we are this morning checking the stockings. Silas is pretty miserably sick at the moment so he was only mildly impressed.


Jude was pretty excited. Here he is opening Norah’s stocking for her.


I used a linen dyed with oak leaves and modified with iron for the main fabric on all three. Silas’s is lined with a gray cotton which came from my first attempt with black beans. Jude’s is a green cotton from my second attempt with black beans. (More about the difference in those dye baths soon) And Norah’s is lined with a cream muslin and some lace trim. The ribbon loop for hanging is a linen ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby.


The boys stockings got a little decorative stitching.


I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I just love the wrinkly sack like quality of linen. I’m hoping to make a nice linen tree skirt, but don’t currently have enough yardage. Maybe next year.


I had thought of making a pretty Saint Nicholas bread thing (I don’t think you can call it a loaf when it is in the shape of a face) that I saw on Pinterest, but it didn’t happen. With one sick, one so active she might just leap out of my arms and take off running, and a sore throat myself it was not meant to be.

This is our first year to celebrate Saint Nicholas day so I’m still looking for ideas to incorporate into this aspect of the holiday season. Anyone have suggestions?

And have you made your own stockings before? What sort of fabric/design did you use?


2 thoughts on “St. Nicholas Day

  1. I must admit I didn’t know there was a St Nicholas day other than Christmas so I plan to read up on that!

    I haven’t started dyeing yet & still need sewing lessons lol but, I’ll get there one day. I would have loved to see the colors on the stockings but, for me they aren’t really coming through. I love the size too. Less room to worry about filling & closer to what I imagine was the original “stockings were hung by the chimney with care”. I think you’ve done a fantastic effort & should just enjoy it now!

    • For us Saint Nicholas day is celebrating the true Saint Nicholas from whom the idea of Santa Claus comes. We’ve spent some time telling our 3 year old about the real man and on December 6th the kids got their stockings. I kind of like doing that earlier in the season and then on Christmas the kids will get gifts from us.
      The pictures were taken in pretty terrible lighting. I tried to edit, but they are still pretty dim. Hopefully, it will stop raining soon and I’m going to head outdoors to photo the different colors I’ve gotten from black beans, which will include those lining fabrics.

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