From My Sketchbook: Modifier Tests


I really thought that venturing outside would remedy my terrible photography problems, but it turns out not so much. My husband tells me it’s a white balance problem. I’m the one who took a photography class in college. The problem is that I care nothing about photography and I have to care in order to retain info. I would love to have better pictures, but it’s not like I can sit around for 10 minutes getting all the settings on the camera right. In fact the 30 seconds that I spent snapping this photo my 3 year old was demanding my assistance with something. Don’t even ask how many of my children are crying as I try to type this simple post.

End of bad photography/too many children rant

So anyway, the columns are labeled. On the left you will see the dye stuff and along the top you will see the modifiers I was testing (l to r- just dye, iron, vinegar, washing soda). The changes are subtle and I’m still battling with black beans. I finally read something online that suggested leaving fibers in the black bean dye pot too long would create more of a gray. This seems to be the opposite of everything I’ve read about other natural dyes, but I tried removing them sooner and the fibers turned out significantly more greenish though still pretty neutral in tone. As I’ve said before, I love neutral, but I’m still going to keep experimenting in hopes of some blues and greens.

I just love the look of those two pages. I want to paint my house all of those colors. Maybe I’ll just take the sketchbook to the store and find the matching swatches!

I better go deal with at least one of the crying children.


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