Winter at Beech Cove

During our time in Tanzania I so missed winter.




And always the colors. I know, most people don’t think of winter and fabulous color in the same sentence. It’s just grey and drab right? Well, maybe you have to be the sort of person that loves subtle neutrals or maybe you just have to live in Beech Cove. There is a beautiful thing that happens here. Sprinkled amidst the grey trees are the most beautiful, pale, golden leaves.


Sometimes they take on a more reddish tone. It just depends on the light, or time of day, or amount of moisture.


Sometimes the whole seen is faint and pale.


Sometimes the leaves glow.


Always they are beautiful. I had never realized until this year that the leaves I so love are the Beech leaves. They seem to hang on to the branches far longer than the others.

I’ve gathered some and can’t wait to see what sort of dye color I can get. I’m anticipating a light yellowish brown, but the leaves are quite pale so I may not get much of anything exciting. I did a test with some Beech nuts and got a nice, rich, reddish brown. I do need to share those photos, huh?

This week I’ve got a mordant bath going. I’m working my way through all the silk in my stash and then I’ll tackle the vegetable fibers. I’m doing a cool method with the silks so as to not hurt the fabric and also because it’s much easier to not have to sit and watch the pot while it heats. It’s certainly a boring process, but so worth it once the fibers get dyed. Mordanting really does make a difference.


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