Recipe Card Tea Towels

I’ve been meaning to share a few of things I made for Christmas gifts this year and two weeks later here we are. So let’s not waste anymore time.

My biggest undertaking was a bunch of tea towels made from my Mema’s recipe cards. These weren’t particularly difficult, but took some planning to get the fabric printed in time and I made 16 of them so the sewing took a while. I had seen this tutorial for this project ages ago on PInterest and it was finally time to do it.


It’s really pretty simple. You photograph your recipe cards, format them, have the fabric printed at Spoonflower, and hem the edges. I deviated from the tutorial a bit when prepping my photos for printing. It went like this: photo recipe cards in not so excellent light, open photos in photoshop, hand the computer to husband who is way better at photoshop. 🙂 If you don’t have a photoshop skilled husband you can give the actual directions using Picasa a try.


I, ahem my husband, did follow the sizing directions in the tutorial to get these to come out the right size for 4 towels per yard.


I went with the linen cotton canvas recommended for these. If I’d had more time I might have ordered some swatches, but I’m pretty happy with the fabric as is.


You may be thinking by now that I neglected to iron these before taking my photos, but the fabric is just that easily wrinkled. I don’t think it will matter much when I have them hanging on hooks in my kitchen, which is what I intend to do with my own set. I don’t currently have any hooks and I’m not in my own kitchen, but here’s one hanging from a chair to give you the gist of it.


The tutorial explains how to put a contrasting color in between the cards. Not only does this end up giving you some pop on the back side, it also super simplifies the pressing under of the hem. I went with a very neutral color since I was making these for 8 different people. I used a bit of linen ribbon (from Hobby Lobby) for the loop on the back.


Mema died 5 years ago, and holidays just haven’t been the same since. I’m looking forward to having her recipes hanging in my kitchen. One of them was actually her mother’s recipe, making it extra special. Hopefully everyone who received these is enjoying them as well. I actually have the last 2 sets that I need to get in the mail. The recipients have been traveling/moving so I wanted to give them time to get home/settled before sending them.



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