Superhero Capes

This was one of those spur of the moment, wouldn’t the boys love that, kind of gifts. I quickly searched for a tutorial on Pinterest and landed on this one.

It’s a very easy cape to make with a velcro closure in the front that I hope Jude will soon be able to put on himself. He’s always asking me to tie blankets around him and gets very frustrated if they won’t stay on.

I added a little bit of applique to personalize them. The stars are pretty much just freehanded and imperfect. I used double sided iron on interfacing to get them in place and then zig zag stitched around the edges.


Of course superheros can’t be bothered to stand still for photoshoots so these pics are a bit blurry! I’ve had this post finished for days thinking I’d redo the pics, but alas I’m over it. Let’s just call it an effect. Maybe, 80’s childhood photo effect. You know, before everyone had digitals so you couldn’t take 5 million pics of the same thing and just keep the clear, eyes open, everyone looking at the camera shots 🙂



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