Kids Clothing Week starts tomorrow

Are you familiar with Kids Clothes Week? The gist is that a bunch of people spend at least an hour a day for 1 week sewing for their kids and then post pictures of the end products. I love looking through the finished garments and keeping up with the blog posts, but I’ve never participated because I’m a little intimidated. Some of these people crank out some serious wardrobes during one short week and with three tiny ones I’m not sure if I can finish even one piece! This time around I decided to go for it. Even if I don’t finish anything, I figure it’s good motivation to sew for my own. So I’m signed up and I have my first item cut out and ready to start sewing, but….

all three kids are sick.

For the first 24 hours Norah was pretty much glued to me. She could only sleep upright and I don’t get great sleep in the recliner:/ The second night we managed to get her to start the night in her bed. I had about 5 minutes between getting the last one to sleep, before one of the others woke back up and needed me. By that point I was pretty thrilled with my 5 minute pee break. We’ve had three rough nights now. Norah is on the mend. Silas is coughing and running like a faucet and Jude is just tossing and turning a lot at night. I can usually count on having a little time after the kids go to sleep, at least most nights, but when they are sick sewing gets put on the back burner. This is actually our first time to have 3 sick ones at once and I gotta say I don’t know how we would do it if not for a hubby with a flexible schedule and in house grandparents!

So all that said I’m still going to try to participate in KCW, but no promises! My main goal is to make an Oliver + S school photo dress for Norah. I’ve had this pattern for some time and it’s finally time to get one made. If I finish that and have any time to spare I’ve got a couple of summer items for Norah that need to be finished. I hate to just sew for her, but I don’t have things ready to sew for the boys right now. There is a small chance I could throw together some fleece mittens for them, but don’t hold your breath! I do hope to make some linen pants for them this coming spring/summer, but that is just not gonna happen this week. I want to use the Number 9 Trouser pattern and it looks pretty involved.





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