KCW Day 6- Little Folks Dress with Gathering Pocket

Day 3 and 4 were a bust for various reasons, but day 5 I made a comeback and finished the School Photo Dress! Unfortunately, I am not showing that to you just yet, because I want to get pictures of it on Norah. Instead, this post is about another little dress that I finished up today. It was actually pretty well along before KCW, but it’s just been hanging on the wall until I could find the motivation to finish it. Today, I put on the pocket, hemmed the sleeves and bottom of the dress, and traded out the button I had previously put on it.

I sort of drafted my own pattern for this. I started from a basic peasant dress pattern and made adjustments to put in the yoke and the button back. Here’s the front.


The inspiration for the pocket was little girls everywhere lifting their skirts to gather shells or rocks or acorns. There is elastic along the top so it can actually hold a bit more than if it were just totally flat.

Heres the back.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with several fabrics from the Little Folks collection that I picked up after Christmas. The sleeve fabric is actually Joel Dewberry and I think it works really nicely in this dress. I think it’s from the Heirloom collection, but don’t quote me on that.


The first button I put on was a cream cut-out octagon and it was so very pretty, but it was difficult to slide the ribbon loop over. This one will be much easier in use. Hopefully this will fit Norah this summer, but I’m not too worried about when it fits her. There’s bound to be a day she can where it in just about any month. After all, it was 63 on this February 1st in Tennessee!


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