KCW- Modified Peasant Top

This top has been in the works for some time. I’ve been trying out different ways of modifying the basic peasant top/dress. I love the ease, but wanted to try and get a more polished look without upping the work too much. I have gotten a couple of looks I like now, but I’m not sure I succeeded in keeping the work low!

I initially intended to put a rounded collar on this, just like the Little Folks dress, but once I got the main body sewn together and saw it hanging there I knew I wanted a more square neckline. I turned to bias tape and between this top and another similar one that I’m working on for my niece I must have attempted to put on binding at least 6 times! Of course I had to rip it out each time. I don’t have to tell you how fun that was, right? If I weren’t so in love with the way this fabric comes together in this little top or if I had enough of the fabric to just start over I probably would have cut it into scraps long ago. It’s not that I’m a quitter, I just don’t have time for all these little hiccups!

So, I still don’t know exactly why the bias tape didn’t work, but I finally gave up and just made a fitted squared piece. I kept it pretty thin so it wouldn’t be that different from binding.


It’s not perfect (so don’t look too close!) but, I do adore this little top. I had no idea what I was going to do with this fabric when I bought it, but now I want to buy more! It’s from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks Voile and it comes with 4 large squares (the front and back) and 8 little squares (sleeves) per yard. I just love looking at it and thinking about how those squares might come together in different projects.


So this wraps up KCW for me. I did start on another peasant top last night, but didn’t quite finish. It’s totally sewn together, but I decided to do a bit of hand stitching embellishment while watching Sherlock. Perhaps, not the best idea if you really want to finish, but what a great show! I’ll be sure to show the finished top here when I finish it, hopefully soon.


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