Hot Air Balloon Peasant Top

This is the top that I mostly made on the last day of Kids Clothes Week. I had finished all but the hand stitching on the applique which I finished up Monday morning. Naturally, it is Friday before I manage to take pictures and post. 🙂

I love all the things I made for KCW, but this one really expresses my true aesthetic more than the others. The very neutral base fabric, with just a small pop of muted tones, throw in a little imperfect hand stitching and I am smitten.


The main fabric is a cotton that I picked up at Hancock’s on super sale on MLK day. I think it was 2 something a yard. I’m not even sure what it is except that it is 100% cotton. It was next to the muslins, but looks so different and was the only one that seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. Perhaps it is just a looser woven muslin. I don’t know, but I love the loose nubby texture going on.Image

The fabrics for two of the balloons are Hello Pilgrim Jewels in two different color ways. The largest balloon is a scrap of silk that I dyed eons ago in college.

I really enjoyed KCW. It was a great motivator to make some things for Norah, and hopefully next time around I’ll make some things for the boys as well.


3 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloon Peasant Top

  1. The fabric looks like Osnaburg. Or is it Osnaberg? Either way, it is very similar to muslin and usually is found displayed with the muslin in fabric stores. It makes great tea towels too. 🙂

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