Peasant Tops at the Lazy Daisy!

You know I don’t love neons. And really, I don’t even love bright colors. I’m a muted, neutral, natural tone girl, hence the draw to natural dyes. 


If anybody can get me loving all.the.colors. it’s Anna Maria Horner. Her fabrics and the things she does with them are always inspiring me to use a bit more color. As I planned what I might put in the booth over at the Lazy Daisy this spring I knew I just had to use some of her Little Folks Voile collection. So without further ado, here’s what I’m taking over to the shop today.


Peasant Top  2T/3T


Peasant Top 12-18 Months


Peasant Top 12-18 Months


Peasant top 2T/3T

And just in case I’m not the only one who loves a nice subtle neutral there is this one. It’s hard to tell from the photo but the bunting fabric is teal and pale orange.


Peasant Top 2T/3T

I had hoped to have more variety of sizes ready by now, but alas there was the virus we all had and the teething and the hub’s sprained ankle and the almost 2 year old who seems to KNOW that he is almost 2… did I mention the TEETHING? Two children teething that is. I’m tired just thinking about it. Hopefully I’ll get back into full sewing for spring mode this week and have even more fun things in the shop soon. Stay tuned!


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