Kids Clothing Week part 1

When KCW announced that they would have a theme this go round and that it would be “Mini Me” I was like, “I don’t want to be constrained by a theme!” And when I read that you didn’t have to do anything with the theme if you didn’t want to, I was all, “Well, maybe I want to!” Naturally. 

So as I pondered it I decided to go the route of repurposing clothing of mine and Carson’s for the kids. We’ve got an interesting stash of things that don’t fit anymore we don’t wear anymore. It’s all stuff that fit before we moved to Tanzania and has been sitting in storage in case we could still wear it when we returned. Uh huh. 3 babies later, I don’t think so. So here is my first completed outfit for the week.


These pictures are dark because children were sleeping and lights were off. This first one is a Gap button up.


And this shirt, oh I love this shirt. It’s J Crew. I have no idea where I got it, but it had seen better days. The sleeves had stains from my art teacher days and even if I were to ever fit into it again I think it would be shorter than I like.


Using the Oliver+S school photo dress pattern and a pair of leggings that fit well as a jumping point, this is what these pieces became.





It’s getting harder and harder to photograph this on the move model!


Oh I love those cheeks!


There are several things I will do differently if I repeat this, which I just might. For starters the button on the back needs to be closer to the top. I ended up having to put a hook and loop in under the collar to keep it from gapping open. I also should have put interfacing in the peter pan collar so it doesn’t flip up. I’d also really like to try doing an asymmetrical peter pan collar. The way I ended up doing the back of this one has me thinking about that.


And if you consider doing this yourself here are some things to consider when choosing a shirt to repurpose:

1- How big is the shirt and how big a size are you making. I used a Gap medium and made size 6-12 months.

2- What is the structure of the shirt? If there are seams in the back, like mine had this will affect how you cut out your pieces and if you have enough fabric.

3- Is the fabric directional. Mine was, though it’s not terribly obvious. I was able to cut all my pieces out going the same direction.