The Ugliest Cake I’ve Ever Made

Not exactly sure what prompted my absence from the blog, but it probably had something to do with the three small people in my life. Like the one that is currently standing beside me with a book whining or the one across the room saying, “Mama watch me hoola hoop!”. I can kindle and I can Ipad, but get on the lap top and you would think I had put out a “Anybody need anything right now?” sign!

So anyway, the ugliest cake I’ve ever made. It was Silas’s birthday back in May and I decided to try and use only natural coloring in the cake. My blue turned out a bit more gray and then the strawberry filling sort of leaked through because it was warm out and I should have let the icing set between each layer because it was mostly whipped cream and the cake layers just wanted to slide off…. well, here’s the end product.


Since it was gray I made some darker icing to speckle on top, added a dump truck full of chocolate chunks and wa la! Better, but still ugly.


On the back side you can see the strawberry filling seeping out and the stick that was holding the layers on! At least it tasted all right. And, I’m pretty sure the birthday boy didn’t mind.

I really didn’t do a whole lot for this party. It was at a park, so I just figured the playground was the activity and the trees were the decoration! Here are a few more pictures from the party.


Silas loves this little bike!


What a cute two year old!


More coming soon!




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