Queen Anne’s Lace

Summer may be the least inspiring time of the year for me. Maybe because it’s just too hot to do things or because I don’t love the colors of summer as much as other seasons. Whatever the case as soon as late summer hits my wheels start turning again. I see the Queen Anne’s lace all grey and dried up like skeletons next to the blooming goldenrod and know that the seasons are moving on. I see the sumac berries of deep, deep red and know that their leaves will be among the first to turn, easy to spot in their signature red. I see the trees heavy with growth and know that this growth must stop, lest it swallow the earth. And then in late summer, when I can see the signs that fall will come once again, my inspiration is reborn.

I also remember that I never did post about the Queen Anne’s Lace dye bath I did back during the summer. Oops. So here it is. And hopefully there will be more to come now that my soul seems to be waking up from a nice summer hibernation.

I was pretty blown away by the Queen Anne’s Lace. Sure, the book said it would give me some yellows, but it’s just hard to believe sometimes. It grows all over the place out here, so I didn’t have to go far to find some. I did have to get online and figure out exactly how to identify it, because I came home with what was very clearly two different plants.

I feel like this image is showing up a little warmer than what it looks in real life, but here it is.queen anne's lace

One of these is a scarf and the other is a bit of habotai. Both had been mordanted with alum.