Christmas Dress

I made quite a few Christmas gifts this year, but getting them wrapped turned out to be enough of a challenge. So, photos did not happen. I did managed to get a few not so clear shots of Norah in the Christmas dress I made for her. I had been eyeing this pattern for a while. I just haven’t seen anything else quite like it. So when the Louisa¬†pattern from Compagnie M. went on sale a while back I snagged it. The fabric came from Hobby Lobby.




I’m very pleased with the results and see many more Louisa dresses in my sewing future.


Kid Friendly Nativity

I really wanted to have a nativity set this year that the kids could play with. I scoured the internet and found several decent toy like options, but the prices were pretty high and the characters were caucasian. Maybe it’s a small thing, but I really prefer something more accurate in that regard. So then I looked on etsy and found some gorgeous hand felted sets that I LOVE, but cannot at this time afford. Last, I checked Pinterest and found lots of nativity sets made from wooden peg people. I decided that I could just make a set and here’s what I came up with.

The pegs came from Amazon and I soaked them in coffee to get the wood a little darker.


I painted them with milk paint, because my husband had some laying around and then drew on them with a sharpie pen. I sprayed some sort of finishing spray (again, stolen from my husband) on top so that the kids couldn’t scratch the paint off.nativity2 nativity3

I decided to make an extra little boy Jesus, because by the time the wisemen got to him he was two. I realize that peg is a little tall for a two year old, but it was as close as I could get with my options.nativity4 nativity5

I’m really pleased with how they turned out. The kids have been enjoying playing with them. Norah calls them all her babies! I can’t wait until next year when we are in our house and can have a good spot to keep them set up.