Craft Fair (upcycled sweaters)

If you are in the McMinnville, TN area and haven’t stopped by the Craft Fair this weekend, today is your last day! And if you did stop by and didn’t buy anything from our booth, get back out there 😉 It will be open today from 10 till 8 at the Civic Center. Here’s a look at some of the stuff I made this year that has not been for sale previously.cf1

My Mother-in-law and I have been busy felting old sweaters and turning them into all sorts of things. I love how these pillows turned out.


These are some of my MIL’s coasters. I think we may need some of the numbered ones for our house.


Here are some of my coasters.


Here’s a close up of my favorite set. It’s a little whimsical, with a rain cloud, snow cloud, grey cloud, and rain drop. Twice, Carson has asked me, where is the other cloud and I have had to explain that the rain drop goes with them. So, maybe not everyone will get it, but I love them!


I love these clutches and wouldn’t mind if they don’t both sell so I can keep one! Or I could just make another for myself.


This might be my favorite item. When I saw that fabric with this felt it just sort of made itself! I love when the materials dictate the finished product and I find that I make better stuff when I let the fabric take over! Here’s a close up of that cut out.


And finally some views of the booth.

cf8 cf9

As you can see we have lots of stuff I haven’t focused on here. Natural dyed scarves, lamps, cabinets, baby gowns, little girl skirts, queen anne’s lace necklaces, mugs, windows, to name a few! Come on out and be sure to stock up on some canned goods downstairs. Seriously for the same price you’d pay at the grocery store you can have all manner of canned food that is homemade and support some local folks at the same time.


On Sunday we headed over to Fall Creek Falls for the 35th annual Mountaineer Folk Festival. We’d never even heard of it before, but a friend posted on Facebook that he’d be playing on one of the stages and it seemed like a fun enough outing. It was definitely the most successful outing we’ve had as a family of 5! We got a lot of stares with our double stroller and baby in a wrap… a lot of sweet smiles paired with that look in the eyes that gives away what they are really thinking: “They are crazy.” Yeah, we ARE crazy, but sometimes crazy has to get out of the house!

The music was great. We only watched one set, The Mockingbirds, because when you have 3 under 4 you move on to the next thing BEFORE they get stir crazy. It was so much fun to watch them enjoying the music… one of those moments where your kids enjoyment increases your own.

There were tons of food booths and I’m only sad that I didn’t manage to get some homemade ice cream.

And there were a ton of craft booths as well. I did not manage to take any photos at the event. Sorry. But, I did take some shots of my favorite purchase from my favorite booth of the day.


It’s alpaca roving for felting! Which of course means it’s time to get out my felting stash from over 4 years ago! Felting just seems so appropriate this time of year. And, am I ever excited about this time of year. It’s been 4 years since we’ve had a fall. This will be the kids’ first. I absolutely cannot wait for the temps to drop and the leaves to fall. Bring on the soups! Hopefully I will get to felting some of this stuff soon, but let’s face it, it might be a few months! I’m pretty backed up on sewing projects right now and for some reason I have trouble getting things done these days. It could have something to do with the toes in that picture! Here’s the rest of the photo shoot.


What? Alpaca doesn’t make you want to do head stands?Image

And, I have to tell you about the booth where I bought this gorgeous stuff. They had it set up to show the entire process of felting and spinning. There were two alpacas, the comb, a tray where you could felt a little yourself, and a spinning wheel. How cool is that? I loved that the kids got to see that, since I stick to just the felting part of the process. I am super excited to let Jude in on the felting fun whenever I do get around to it. It’s such a kid friendly activity.

In case you are in the market for some alpaca for felting or spinning or goods made from alpaca, here’s the info.