Whale PJs

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing for Norah. So much, that a couple of times Jude has been drawing and said he was drawing dresses for her! It’s cute, but I started feeling bad that I hadn’t done anything for the boys lately. Then I found this fabulous whale and ocean fabric on sale and pjs were born. The fabrics are Seven Seas from Cloud 9 and the whale fabric I absolutely cannot find anymore and I’m not sure who designed it.

For Silas’s pants, I started with the Quick Change Trouser pattern just for general sizing. They don’t have the rear patch and aren’t reversible, so really not the same at all in the end.Image

The pants ended up a little long so I think I’ll add some more of the whale fabric on the underside so they can be rolled up without showing the backside of fabric.Image

The little guy wasn’t particularly cooperative with the photo shoot. I got a lot of pictures that looked something like this.Image

I have a lot more respect for bloggers who get nice pics of their kids posing in front of some sort of backdrop!Image

Big brother at least sat still… mostly. But, that didn’t stop him from making funny faces.Image

The pattern for his pants I drafted from a pair that he already had, but made them a lot roomier.Image

The shirts are just a simple applique on a t-shirt.Image

This is the best I could get of them both together.Image

I love his smirk in this one. It’s like he’s saying, “You don’t actually expect me to sit still for pictures do you?!”Image